The IxizEBCS (Electronic Boost Control Solenoid) is a 3 port BCS. It is a "true" plug and play unit that allows the driver to configure it identical to stock, till its tuned for 3 port setup to take advantage of the quicker and stable boost.

Configurable in various options and full pneumatic connection tables will be provided.

1. OEM / Stock setup
2. 3 Port setup
3. External Wastegate setup

Instructions includes 3 modes of operation for ease of configuration before and after tune

+ True plug and play (no splice, no solder, no bad connections)
+ Quicker and stable boost
+ Hi-temp (up to 475 F) fittings
+ Components easily replaced
+ Multiple configurations
+ simple and effective hose connections
+ Sealed and strain-relief connector and braided cable casing
+ 7" of extended cable for ease of placement


For External Wastegate Users
an optional 4 port BCS is available for better control of EWG setup (pls contact for details)


ixizEBCS - Electronic Boost Control Solenoid (3 / 4 port)

Complete ixizEBCS (std fittings) Setup : $82
with standard fittings

Metallic fittngs on ixizEBCS2

Complete ixizEBCS (metal fittings) Setup : $93
with Metallic / plated fittings

Complete ixizEBCS 4 port Setup : $108
includes Hi-temp Black Metric Silicone Tubing (55")