The ixizAOSep is compact and full of advance channeling (no media to replace nor deteriorate) to separate air from oil coming from both your crankcase and heads. The drain port will return the oil back to your engine so that you do not loose any oil.

If you are running high boost you will most likely expose your intake system with oil vapor.  This will most likely occur under hard driving.  This is due to more compressed air bypassing the rings.  This is one reason why there is significant amount of oil loss in between race and oil changes

IxizAOSep prevents the oil from getting ingested by your turbo and into your intake, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of your engine (reduce octane, engine knock, timing retard,..).

The system requires no drilling and can easily bolt on to both TMIC and FMIC vehicles. The compact unit can be placed in various locations (depending on your engine setup).

Here is a great writeup by Sean : <linx>



IxizAOSep - Air Oil Separator

Video Links of ixizAOSep (Success)
During development(video)
HiPressure fluid Mist test

Picture above is the final design (installed)
Production pieces will have black anodize end plates and machine finished brackets(optional & for ease of painting). Hoses will be optional and available in black

IxizAOSep Pricing
IxizAosep (System) : $290 MSRP

+ optional items can be removed from cart (as paypal refund)

Complete Setup