IxizMADblk is fabricated using the latest in machining techniques and from a billet block. The distributor is then anodized for corrosion resistance to a durable pewter finish.  It mounts perfectly on top of the intake manifold where it will receive air from the stock hose and distributed to various devices such as:

1. BOV or BPV
2. Boost gauge
3. Manifold Pressure signal
4. Meth. or H2O injection
5. Misc. other pressure signal

The fittings provided are automotive grade and has been used in various areas in the engine bay.


Installed Pic: (prototype)


ixizMADblk - Manifold air distribution block

Components included
Pewter anodized MAD block(1-in + 6-out)
inlet connector (1)
Outlet ports - 3x Angle 2x Straight
Plug (3x)
Mounting bolt (stainless)

Sale : $38

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