The IxizFRail (Parallel Fuel rail) is an advance fuel rail with various parallel inlet options fuel inlet options

1. Single Inlet - Single outlet
2. Dual inlet - Single outlet (multi fuel pumps, max fueling.)
3. Balance fuel connection (flow optimization)

Both fuel rails are precision machined from billet aluminum and anodized for the demand of E85 and durability. All hardware is stainless steel and fittings are plated. ixizFRail only utilize high pressure sealing techniques to assure a safe and durable product.


  • Use O-ring seals (similar to Fuel Injectors) for all connections between fittings and fuel rail.
  • AN fittings for performance hose connections.
  • Multiple connection plans to optimize fuel flow.
  • Dual inlet connections for maximizing fuel flow.
  • Balance tube to assure equal fuel on both banks.

Options for fuel connections


Installed pics. during testing





ixizFRail - Triple port (sealed) Fuel Rail
........... (w/ parallel inlet lines and balance tube option)


ixizFRail (1 pair) Setup : $168
with mounting hardware


Comparable fittings required for installation cost +$195. Ixizconcept fittings kit (set) cost only $65 when purchased with ixizFrail.

ixizFrail w/ fittings

Complete ixizFRail (incl. fittings kit) Setup : $235
with seals & plated fittings

Accessories from performance shop Fittings and lines