For driving enthusiast that demands functionality and simplicity. IxizHood RS replaces the hood prop with a pneumatic hood lift. It Improves the visual effects of the engine bay of race or show cars while also allowing for easier access to the engine compartment.

  • Quick and easy installation. Installs in less than 10 minutes with basic tools.
  • No drilling nor rivetting.
    Hardware are all Alum. and Zinc plated steel. (Gurantee Rust Free)
  • Secure custom CNC brackets will not shift during usage.
  • Opening motion is smooth, effortless and precise.
  • The pair of hood dampers will manage both sturdy steel or light alum hoods


Please send special request for Carbon Hoods - Custom valving allows me to taylor the opening force and motion.

Please send email to



ixizHood RS - Pneumatic HoodLifter


ixizHood RS

Price MSRP: $90

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