IxizICE is fabricated using the latest in heat rejection/insulating material. The material is laminated under extreme pressures to achieve the superior performance in mechanical, chemical and insulating properties. The material conforms to the requirements of military specification Mil P 13949 Type F and Mil-I-24768 and is rated UL 94V-0.

Aluminum cylinder head transfers a huge amount of heat directly to the aluminum intake manifold increasing charge temperatures. This robs power and increases the chance of detonation. By placing a thermal barrier between the cylinder head and intake manifold, the heat transfer is greatly reduced creating cooler and denser intake air.  It's a fact that the higher density of air intake, increases power and therefore a 1% power increase is observed for every 5°F reduction in intake temperature. 

The ixizICE improved properties are
1. 3+x stronger (tensile, compressive, flexural and shear strength)
2. 2x stronger bond strength (laminated structure)
3. 2x improved insulating/isolation performance
4. 2x less thermal expansion
5. 20x less fluid absorbtion (resistant to alcohol, methanol, fuel, & oils)
6. 20% higher operating temperatures
7. improved flatness tolerance

when compared to generic phenolics (L & C class).

Clearly this aerospace material surpass the antiquated phenolics in this particular application .

The videos of a simple heat transfer test below shows the improved insulation characteristics of ixizICE.

ixizice undergoes selection (video)

ixizice data/results


1% power increase is observed for every 5°F reduction in intake temperature.
At steady state the reduction in temperature exceeded 60 deg F when compared to non insulating characteristics.




IxizICE - Intake Cooling Extension

Production lot

Only one thickness will be required, due to the improved thermal insulating properties. A thicker design is not required.

The superior insulating properties does not require extended length to achieve the thermal insulation, hence the manifold is not elevated to heights that causes fitment issues, nor require extended length fasteners

Due to the flatness tolerance from the base material - gaskets are not required but recommended (additional savings of $30 for gaskets)

Due to the advance mechanical, bond and chemical properties of the base structure. The component is more stable and safer to be used in critcial insulation tasks and can be precisionly shaped.

Key factors of material selection is Material compatability with the fluids it will experience at elevated temperatures and the phycical improved properties.


optional original Subaru gasket

ixizICE(set) $55
OEM gaskets(set) $11