IxizPstop is significantly stiffer then the stock pitch stop, it reduces the amount of forward and backward movement of the transmission and also reduces the initial side motion of the boxer engine. The new Gen 3 ixizPstop significantly reduced NVH compared to previous 2 Gens' and it is machined from solid billet aircraft grade Aluminum.

Dual Coat Anodized for corrosion resistance
Customizable stiffness design
(future upgradable)

- Lighter with same stiffness characteristics
- Bushings molded with lubricant

GEN3: [Available NOW]
- Reduced NVH
- Increased lateral stifness

- Multi part bushing for configuration

IxizPstop - Pitch Stop (Gen3)

Gen 3 (above)

Gen 3 - Installed

NEW DESIGN is here
Total control of your drivetrain with reduced NVH

NEW DESIGN - significant improvements
Sale : $120 (MSRP)