The ixizRBraket allows previous generation vehicles to utilize the current upgraded [Rear 2 pot] brakes with no modifications to the mounting body of the existing vehicle.

Both designs are precision machined from billet aluminum and anodized or from quality steel blocks and black oxide finished for corrosion resistance and durability.

All high grade steel hardware will be provided for a simple and secure installation.


Installed pics. during testingixizFRail




ixizRBraket - Brake adapter (for rear brakes upgrade)
........... [available in Aluminum** and Steel versions]

ixizRBraket - Ano. Aluminum**(1 pair) Setup : $198
with mounting hardware
denotes race version - which is 1/3 the weight of the standard steel version of the bracket. Caution parts made from billet aluminum is not as durable as steel and should be inspected periodically.


ixizRBraket - Oxide Steel(1 pair) Setup : $195
with mounting hardware