ixizSclutch - Clutch control limit

The ixizSclutch limits the travel of the clutch pedal. The travel of the factory adjustment goes beyond the clutch trigger and compresses a spring even after the clutch has been disengaged. This is wasted energy. The additional pedal travel does not perform any tasks other than compressing a strong spring.

IxizSclutch is adjustable to limit the pedal travel so no energy is wasted from every clutch movement and in additional a firm feedback that the clutch is released and ready for your gear change.

In traffic, your knees and ankles hurt because you are constantly engaging the clutch and fighting the spring force. ixizSclutch will reduce the amount of force needed and makes driving a manual transmission vehicle a pleasure.

  • Secure mounting hardware
  • Stainless and anodized aluminum
  • Includes soft pad for comfort feel
  • Includes starter switch adjustment 
  • Adjustable stop position for individual setups
UPDATE: V2 is now shipping
[easier installation (procedure will be updated soon)]



Installed pic (above)

Multi piece design for individual setup

MSRP : $28