The NEW ixiz§hift III will fit most of Subaru's. Ranging from 2003-2009 WRXs to 2004-2009 STis, Legacys and Forresters

There are minor differences between the models. When ordering please select your vehicle's model and year.

Product HIghlights - triple adjustment
1. Independent shift throw adjustment = 0-30% reduction in throw.
2. Independent shifter height adjustment -1" to +0.5".
3. Secure shafts for and optional items

4. adjustable weights for a true balance feel.

Optional add ons
a. 120-150 grams of weight [ixizsweight] $12
b. boot holder / locknut [ixizsbootcollar] $9

Ixiz§hift III - Short Shifter

ixiz§hift (with options) STi

ixizShift III

Purchase Price : ===


Product Launch End Nov 2008